Visual identity and Brand Guidelines

How does Visual Identity make your Brand Identity complete?

Logo, colors, pictures, and brand perception are all essential concepts associated with brand identity, but there is much more to keep in mind when talking about your brand and how to communicate it.

You should think of brand identity as an umbrella term used to define how your brand is perceived by your target audience. If you want to find out how to manage brand identity and discover which elements are part of it, here is our guide.

Visual identity is considered an integral part of brand identity, but it needs to be tackled individually.

Guidelines for an unforgettable visual identity 

A weak visual identity fails in its chief goal: making a brand memorable. This does not mean it is necessary to dare and use bold colors and provocative solutions as Balenciaga did. 

The visual communication of your brand should:

  1. Take market analyses into account 
    The foundations of your visual communication should be laid on clearly defined brand values and objectives. Benchmarking and other analyses, performed by the marketing and creative departments, are not to be ignored, even for safeguarding your integrity.
  2. Choose your colors sensibly 
    There is a reason for the numerous studies on color psychology. For instance, yellow and orange are usually associated to the food industry, as they whet the appetite, whereas the colors blue and green remind customers of social media platforms.
  3. Align your design with your brand identity
    Typography and graphic elements such as patterns and pictures make your brand recognizable. Together with coherence and originality, these elements create your brand identity.

Brand Guidelines: leave nothing to chance

Brand guidelines represent a manual gathering all graphic information and basic rules that should stay consistent so as to have a coherent visual identity. In other words, brand guidelines are a document explaining how to use your brand and apply your visual identity correctly. 

Not only does it contain instructions and visual references, but it also explains the strategic decisions and reasons that made you define your unique brand identity as it is.

Why do you need Brand Guidelines?

They provide an internal compass to your business as well as to collaborators, communication agencies, and web professionals who are communicating your brand online and offline and need to use the appropriate TOV

Keep in mind that branding, brand identity, and visual identity should all work together to improve your company's awareness.

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