Sanremo 2024: The Marketing Behind the Music Event of the Year

When the holiday season is a distant memory, and Easter is still a mirage, in the middle of winter something that has been warming the hearts of Italian families for years is about to return. It is the Sanremo Festival

With its first edition in 1951, the music event has found a universal language to speak to all generations and keep every Italian family glued to the screen for a week.

But how has the Sanremo Festival achieved and retained such enormous success for 74 years?

In this article, we will discover the identity hidden behind the scenes and what is on the way for the 74th edition.

A declining format

After becoming an icon in the 1950s, the Sanremo Festival entered the new millennium experiencing an audience crisis. The music event could no longer speak to the Italian spectators, and, in attempting to do so, it failed to captivate younger and older target audiences simultaneously.

At a time when artistic and communication direction was marking a drop in interest and viewership, a breath of fresh air arrived when Amadeus became the artistic director and host. Since his debut in 2020, the festival has regained the lightness and universality that had characterized it over the years. Amadeus understood the importance of adapting to modern times, embracing digital platforms, and bringing Sanremo into the heart of online conversations.

A universal language: The digital medium

Thanks to Amadeus and his team, the Sanremo Festival has transformed into a celebrated communication phenomenon. The event has reinvented itself beyond music celebration, reinterpreting the typically Italian variety show with modern communicative canons. Almost becoming an Italian Super Bowl, the Festival features music, entertainment, culture, and much more (except sports).

The multi-platform success has become a reference point for real-time marketing capable of fueling digital conversations and capturing the attention of many brands.

Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok teem with posts and memes that capture the most engaging moments of the evenings, while Spotify transforms into a platform for final predictions.

The presence of satellite programs such as The Jackal’s content, FantaSanremo, or the presence of Amadeus on Instagram created a self-ironic tone, harnessed by social networks through memes, scandals, and discussions promoting great casualness.

Such exchange between generations has united the Italian audience and given the festival an increasingly wider resonance.

Advertisements as part of the show

The digital audience and more than 12,000,000 TV viewers have favored over 50 million euros in advertising revenue.

A new partnership model has substituted standardized sponsorship with an approach tailored to specific situations, harmoniously linking advertising to the show for the benefit of both.

On the other hand, social media have paved the way for instant marketing, blurring the boundary between memes and advertising.
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Will the music change this year?

The first commercials with Amadeus show that the colloquial and straightforward tone of voice will remain in the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival. Joining him is a group of co-hosts to make all generations happy: from Marco Mengoni to Lorella Cuccarini.

Old friends and newcomers can be found also among the sponsors. For instance, Costa Crociere has reconfirmed the Cruise-Event that turns Costa Smeralda into a stage for artists such as Tedua and Bob Sinclar, and with Enrico Brignano on the opening night.

Generali, Eni, and Suzuki are all returning as institutional partners, strongly oriented towards sustainability, as happened last year with Plenitude’s green carpet.

In the makeup and skincare sector, Sephora and VeraLab are back, with the latter willing to repaint the streets of Sanremo in fuchsia. Meanwhile, we cannot wait to see what the new arrivals, Coca-Cola and Mutti, have in mind.

Everything is ready for the most significant showcase of Italian television; all you have to do is choose your FantaSanremo team.

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