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Top Physio is a network of physiotherapy centers operating throughout Italy. It manages and coordinates professionals and centers to accompany clients throughout their entire care journey.

Top Physio's desire was to improve the website both in terms of design and functionality. Therefore, our mission was to make navigation smoother and faster in order to enhance the user experience. Through a detailed analysis of both competitors and the client's needs, we were able to move towards a new layout that was not only aesthetically appealing but also efficient and intuitive. One of the client's main requests was to make the search for a Top Physio Center immediately accessible based on the location of interest. To achieve this, we introduced an interactive map on the homepage that allowed users to easily select their geographic area.

All landing pages are optimized for SEO, with texts and call-to-action bottons specifically created to increase online visibility and guide users towards their desired action. A distinctive feature of the new website is the section called "WikiFisio," an online encyclopedia dedicated to physiotherapy. Here, we imported and organized exisiting articles, allowing users to acess detailed information on therapies and topics related to the subject.

The main goal of this website is to provide users with a comprehensive and informative experience, whether they are looking for a physiotherapy center nearby or seeking to enhance their knowledge of physiotheraphy through WikiFisio.

We worked to create a welcoming and engaging environment where users are not only invited to explore but also to directly contact specialists for any needs and concerns.

In conclusion, the new Top Physio website represents a benchmark in the physiotherapy sector, offering users a complete and satisfying digital experience.


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