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Foglizzo 1921, specialized in the world of high-quality leather design, treatment and production, is a Made-in-Italy artisanship par excellence, catering to clients who are looking for exclusivity and individual customization.

Today, the company supplies leather of outstanding quality to the yachting, aviation, automotive and residential interior design industries.

Nitage came on the scene just before the company’s 100th anniversary, called in to optimize, automate and digitalize production and sales workflows.

Among the most impressive results has been the creation of one of the world’s largest digital leather libraries, hyper-connected to all departments, which manages the entire workflow from first request to final delivery, utilizing AI to make it all flow smoothly and flawlessly.

Users can consult the Digital Leather Library to:

·        buy luxury goods

·        discover new patterns and colors

·        create their own personal “moodboards”

·        request samples

·        download 3D V-Ray models.

Because what makes the difference...are the details.

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