Foglizzo 1921


Foglizzo 1921, specialized in the world of high-quality leather design, treatment and production, is a Made-in-Italy artisanship par excellence, catering to clients who are looking for exclusivity and individual customization.
Today, the company supplies leather of outstanding quality to the yachting, aviation, automotive and residential interior design industries.
After creating a digital library for them and having digitized the production process, the brand entrusted us with the graphic restyling of the website.
The challenge was to convey elegance, class and reliability.
With a particular focus on the e-commerce of luxury goods, our goal was two-fold: create a visually appealing site and, at the same time, increase visitor confidence in making a purchase.
We started by carefully analyzing Foglizzo's brand, its artisanal heritage and the luxury of its leathers. This deep understanding guided the graphic representation and the choice of images, designed to tell the story and the quality that distinguish the company. We decided on an elegant color palette aimed at capturing attention and maintaining visual coherence between the different sections of the site.
In the new website, elegance meets functionality. The richness of Foglizzo leathers is conveyed through enchanting images and a smooth navigation experience.


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