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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Eventi2Ruote and Motolampeggio, two companies owned by Daniele Alessandrini, have established themselves in the market as benchmarks for motorcycle enthusiasts. Our task was to make this passion tangible through a consolidated and functional digital presence.
We devised a network of websites, each focused on a specific motorcycle event, and developed a central platform that allows enthusiasts to register for all events and trophies, as well as purchase official merchandise. This approach has made Eventi2Ruote's online presence more accessible and exciting, contributing to strengthening their position in the sector.
The heart of the project is a customized management system for their administrative needs. In this way, we were able to digitize and optimize administrative and management processes, allowing Eventi2Ruote to easily coordinate a wide range of events. This fundamental step has allowed them to abandon the chaos of numerous Excel sheets, ensuring a centralized and secure flow of information.
From a technical standpoint, our work has contributed to increasing the value of the system by significantly improving operational efficiency. On the commercial front, we have guided Eventi2Ruote in transforming championships into real motorcycle events; this has not only added value to their brand, but has also created an engaging experience for participants, consolidating their position as industry leaders.
We are proud of our collaboration with Eventi2Ruote and Motolampeggio and of having created a cutting-edge digital platform that fully reflects their passion and dedication to organizing unforgettable motorcycle events.


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