Bedda Madre


Bedda Madre is a start-up that distributes products from the Italian territory with an authentic taste and an interesting story to share. We take care of communicating their values since the first day it was born.
Do you recall the scent of gravy you could smell at grandma's house and the wooden spoon resting next to the stoves as she cooked?
We were inspired exactly by this while creating the entire brand identity: from logo design to color choice up and payoff to the development of the website and e-commerce.
We have also attended many events with Bedda Madre to spread the genuinity (and of course the taste of the products!) of this small but powerful reality and we have many other nice things planned.
Making this project grow day by day makes us so proud!


Let’s take your business to the next level.

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Roma | Catania | Torino | Piacenza
[email protected]

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