Organizing a company event: the importance of event marketing

You might have heard that event marketing is becoming increasinglyessential for any business activity, but what is it exactly?

Event marketing groups activities such as planning, organization, management, and realization of any event meant to promote a brand, a product, or a service. No matter the size of the event or if it takes place online or in presence, what counts is the generated value and how it is conveyed to potential clients. In other words, event marketing represents a key strategy through which a company presents itself and shows how it takes risks and how it makes itself known to people by coming into contact with them, displaying its face or the different faces it possesses. 

We could add that event marketing is based on emotions and mental processes that help to keep the brand in mind and evoke positive images, building a bond with your customers. 

First and foremost, set your objectives. 

Even if many underestimate them in the planning process, analyzing and selecting your expected goals is the first and most important thing to do and might determine the event's success. These decisions affect all other choices.

Keep in mind that event marketing allows you to achieve several main goals:

  • Launching new products.
  • Engaging influencers and opinion leaders to have widespread coverage and build a better social media presence.
  • Reaching new clients.
  • Relaunching products and services to make them known to a larger audience.
  • Strengthening your company's corporate identity and creating solid and long-lasting relationships.

These objectives are limitless and combinable with one another; what matters is identifying them and finding the best solutions to achieve them and reach the people who are most interested in what you offer. 

For example, if you are planning to launch a new management software for hotels, is it better to reach hotel managers or entrepreneurs at large?

An overview of the endless benefits of event marketing

We have already underlined some ways a company can benefit from event marketing, but let's delve into it from a closer perspective. 

  • Lead generation and growth in sales
    Company events allow you to attract potential consumers interested in your products. For instance, when you start accepting registrations, you generate a list of people who deliberately decided to partake and whose data can prove helpful even after the event.  
  • Spreading knowledge about a product or service
    If you want to launch a product or service, a part of the event should present it, showing its features, its advantages, and how it works. In so doing, participants will leave with a better idea of what you offer.  
  • Stimulating personal interactions and engaging with clients
    Meeting your clients in person or online personifies your brand and makes it closer to the people. That is particularly helpful for online businesses willing to build and strengthen customer retention.
  • Improving brand awareness
    Closely linked to the last point yet extremely pivotal, brand awareness requires a specific focus. Event marketing aims at creating captivating and engaging experiences that people link to the brand, making it memorable and tangible

One way or another, participants, organizers, and the company become part of the final event experience. The more memorable the experience during and after the event, the greater the generated awareness.

Experiential marketing: connecting with people's senses thanks to event marketing

We know too well how, when promoting a brand through the organization of different kinds of events, participants' experience plays a role in determining their success. Engaging attendees should be at the base of any organizational choice; therefore, when facing any decision, you should ask yourself how your audience will benefit from it, why you are doing it, what will remain in people's minds, and what will resonate. 

Not only does experiential marketing help you place the client at the center, but it also encourages you to offer them something valuable and useful, strengthening their relationship with you and your company. 

5 types of company events at the heart of experiential marketing

Event categories are numerous, but we decided to draw your attention to the key ones to help you better understand them and get some tips to look at them in terms of experiential marketing. 

  1. Conferences
    Usually organized by medium and large-sized companies, conferences offer essential networking opportunities. In case you are organizing a conference for a new launch, you might want to let the audience try the product out, testing it firsthand.
  2. Trade Show Expos
    These sector-specific events are highly peculiar and deserve an in-depth article. They are a great way to make businesses known and help them meet new contacts.
  3. Seminars
    They are usually small events addressed to a restricted group of people and centered on discussions and exchanges. This way, they offer not only good networking opportunities but also educational ones. Remember, the best way to make your seminar dynamic is to engage your audience.
  4. Tours and travels
    This form of experiential marketing is usually well appreciated and can be addressed to employees, important clients, influencers, and VIPs. The more engaging and dynamic the travel, the stronger and more unforgettable the experience. 
  5. Pop-up stores
    They are perfect for e-commerce businesses as they provide a physical dimension of the brand, in addition to the digital one, and help to widen its public. 

Independently from the company event you want to organize, they all fit into an integrated marketing strategy that pursues a bigger objective: offering effective communication.

These activities require analysis, planning, and professionals to manage them. Can you imagine how detrimental would be to host an event poorly managed, lacking in content and values?

We know how risky it can be and are here for you. We thoroughly plan the events we manage and follow our clients in all phases.

Who knows? Our next project might be yours!

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