NitAGE's fully managed hosting: give your site everything it needs

Not everyone knows what a hosting service is: let's start with this.
As the noun suggests, a hosting service hosts a website, offering a space on the web for the site, all its pages, data, and databases, thus allowing for it to be online.
Nowadays, most commercial activities or companies have a website: in a hyper-connected world, it is essential to be present on the net and be visible. 

But having a website is not enough!

It also needs specific features to make it effective on Google and efficient for users: it must be fast, secure from attacks, adapted for mobile devices and possibly with a chat service to assist customers in real-time. 
A managed hosting service can offer these and other services, allowing you to publish your site online and taking care of its server, backup service, maintenance, security, technical support, and other necessary technical aspects. 

What are the benefits of choosing a managed hosting service?

It allows you to focus your energy on your business, saving time and human resources. Discover how reassuring it is to have the support and supervision of experts who can solve potential issues related to your site and keep an eye on system updates, plugins, and domain renewals.

What does the managed hosting service include?

Here is where NitAGE comes in handy!
NitAGE offers several services that are customizable according to the needs of your company and will allow you to sleep tight:

  • a staging area, i.e., a copy of the site to check everything before it goes online;
  • updates to your CMS and plugins;
  • CDN, cache, and site optimization to reduce page load times;
  • automatic backup to never lose your data;
  • security kit (firewall, anti-malware, antivirus and anti-spam) to instantly prevent any threat;
  • SSL protocol included, guaranteeing reliability and professionalism;
  • server monitoring so that everything always works.

Are you confused?
No worries!
Let's see it in detail.

As we have anticipated, a staging site is a "test website" to check the functionality of your site before going online or making a major change. For instance, we can test the loading speed, the plugins, the effectiveness of the menu, and the position of texts and images.
Each website needs a CMS (Content Management System). The most used one is WordPress, a software that allows you to design your site, create and manage each page, and add images and contents.
Then, to extend the website functionality and add the elements that make it unique, you need plugins. In short, it is like adding features to your car.
For those who purchase the hosting package subscription, NitAGE also includes the licenses of the various plugins and provides for the constant updating of these contents to ensure that the website stays functional, safe, and fast.

Let's now talk about CDN and cache. Do you know what they are and what they are for?

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are networks of servers that deliver the contents of the site around the world to your visitors from the point closest to them. In doing so, the contents are loaded faster and save traffic to your server.
The cache is a system that stores your site's files and provides them faster to the visitors.

We always include them among our basic services to guarantee speed and security to your site. These tools together offer your site a "passport to the web".

When the website is ready, what is next?

After so much effort to create a beautiful and efficient site, we cannot lose sight of data security and risk losing them in the event of a hacker attack or malfunction.
Depending on the site, we offer you different types of backups that ensure a copy of all data.
There are three levels depending on type and frequency:

  • online backup (on the same drive);
  • offline backup (on another drive, useful in relation to the GDPR);
  • files or databases backup, ranging from once a week to once an hour.

If your business is serious and reliable, your site must be too!

That is why we offer in the package an SSL certificate: a method of secure transmission of digital data. This certificate guarantees personal data protection and security to your visitors when exchanging information.

Do you know that the European Union requires your site to inform visitors about their data treatment?

There is more! The regulation requires the user to consent to such treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to intervene on the use of cookies and comply with both the Cookie Law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
NitAGE relies on the best providers on the market to have real-time updates on all current regulations on privacy and processing of personal data.
We take care of the technical installation on your site by acting as an intermediary with the provider. In short, you do not have to worry about anything: you are in good hands!

You may be wondering what happens if the website suddenly stops working? What if a visitor experiences any problem? What if you need to add new information?

NitAGE experts are always at your side offering telephone support service and assistance to data entry whenever you need.

The traffic between the various sites, as you know, is managed by servers that "bounce" information from one website to another or from one device to another. To avoid transmission problems, monitoring transmissions and server status is pivotal. For this purpose, NitAGE offers server monitoring services. 

As we said, it is essential for companies to be traceable on the Internet in an increasingly connected digital world. For this reason, we register all our customers' sites on Google My Places, a space in the Google universe that makes companies more visible to potential customers.

By purchasing a hosting service managed by NitAGE, you can take advantage of our professionals' know-how and access a well-rounded management of everything that has to do with your site.
Our technical expertise allows us to be on the ball: aware of plugins criticalities, new updates, and system flaws, ready to compare various sites and their issues, and leaving nothing to chance.

Have you tried another agency, and are you unsatisfied?
With NitAGE, site transfers are free!

When talking about business, time is money!
That is even more important for small and medium-size companies. 
Relying on NitAGE for hosting management means dedicating your business and your customers the time you are currently spending to manage your site.

How about focusing on making your business grow while we grow your site?

Contact us for more information!

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