Live chats, chatbots and virtual assistants: reach your customers whenever and wherever you want!

It has probably happened to you at least once: you purchase a product in a store and then discover it is damaged or not working. You have probably also found yourself in a situation where you had to ask for information to a salesperson before purchasing something.
In these cases, a person available to answer all your questions can be extremely reassuring.
Moreover, their support can make you come back to that store or, at least, contribute to a positive perception of the brand.

The same applies to your website's visitors, especially when you go e-commerce. Visitors need information about services, products sold, payment methods, return conditions, contacts, and the site itself.
In other words, they want to connect with the company and have their questions answered in a short time.

Live chats and chatbots are what you need!

These software tools and digital communication programs allow direct contacts between the company and its customers.

Why are they helpful for your company?

  • they start a conversation in real time
  • they are usually available 24/7 and can reach the client whenever you want
  • they work on several devices and platforms: mobile, web, social networks

Therefore, they offer more reliability and the possibility of increasing sales.

Let's delve into the differences!

Live chats differ from chatbots as they offer the possibility to chat with a telephone operator. The user can interact with a human being, which might be necessary in case of peculiar anomalies or for managing complex situations. Moreover, they offer fully customized dedicated services accessible from any device. For the company, live chats are an efficient and economical way to reach customers and prove helpful as they make sales easier and more direct.
Among the most popular live chats, the practical and innovative Jivo Chat stands out: 

  • it is simple to install for business and easy to use for customers;
  • it can be integrated with many other software such as WordPress, Shopify,;
  • it is also accessible from social media, increasing the likelihood of users to start a conversation with you, considering the daily and constant use that users make of these platforms.

You can find it here: »

Other valid live chats are LiveChat, TidioChat, ProProfs chat, Freashteam, and Olark. They are intuitive to use—both for the company and the user—can be integrated on different software programs, and are available on the most used social media.

On the other hand, chatbots can simulate a conversation with an interlocutor in real time.
They usually appear as conversation windows in the lower right or left corner and are getting increasingly common on most websites.
These programs can learn from past conversations. Chatbots process data to simulate written or spoken conversations, interacting with users as if they were communicating with real persons.

There are two types of chatbots. Let's have a look at them!

Declarative chatbots are the most basic: they are built with lines of code—NLP (Natural Language Processing, the automatic processing of written or spoken information in a language) and ML (Machine Learning)—that help them generate automated answers to commonly asked questions.
They are instructed to extrapolate keywords from the user's questions and provide an adequate answer according to them. Usually, declarative chatbots are used for service and support functions since these interactions are highly specific.

The most advanced chatbots are called predictive and consist of actual virtual assistants.
A virtual assistant relies on data from the conversation, as well as the context, and is much more sophisticated and interactive than regular chatbots because it can answer even unexpected questions.
It uses NLP and ML to analyze information and learn over time from the behavior and needs of the users, providing personalized answers and even anticipating them.

Therefore, a chatbot based on artificial intelligence is the best solution if your needs are highly specific and your customers' requests very detailed. In fact, they are programmable according to your necessities and the characteristics of your users and your products.

What are the benefits of installing a chatbot on your website?

  • better communication and service experience for your customers;
  • 24/7 availability: the chatbot can respond to customers and collect their contacts or information even outside business hours and on vacations;
  • quick and effective answers to customers' requests;
  • compliance with legal notices and industry regulations;
  • both customers and businesses can keep track of conversations, ensuring efficiency and transparency;
  • millions of conversations at once, segmenting customers according to the needs that emerge from their questions;
  • in case of unknown requests, the chat is forwarded to the competent operator, providing all the data already collected.

Do you want to install a chat service to communicate more directly with your customers?
NitAGE will analyze your needs and determine which of the solutions above is the most suitable to satisfy them.

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