From short videos to TikTok: the importance of an effective social media strategy

Implementing a social media strategy represents a fundamental step to achieving the objectives set on social networks. Improvising is never a wise choice, even though it is often the custom.
“I have just created my business page on Facebook, but nobody is following it.”
“People do not interact with the posts I publish.”
“The videos I upload on TikTok go unnoticed.” 
This frustrating feedback usually culminates in giving up on such platforms.
“Social media channels are not for me!” is what we hear the most. But is it true?
Every platform is diverse, addresses a different target audience, and, as such, requires a specific approach. Your marketing strategy on Instagram will differ from that on YouTube or TikTok! Therefore, social media channels are for you, but you must understand which platform can help you reach your goals. 
That is what we are here for!

Social networks: what is out there and how to select what you need. 

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn: social networks are numerous, and each has peculiar characteristics. You should consider them from the beginning: the moment you decide which one to choose. We decided to detail five of the most widespread platforms. As you read on, try to identify a platform or a few that could fit you and your business. 

Although it engages with an increasingly adult audience, Facebook is among the largest and most popular platforms. It mainly aims at starting a community and making people’s voices heard. That is why its strategy entails well-structured content and fosters interactions, such as shared experiences, hot or popular topics (when coherent with the page), interactive content, and even groups for the user to join.  
If your target audience is 36 and over, Facebook could be the perfect platform for you and your company.  

The most recent channel—and that with the most rapid growth—is currently based on short videos. Its main objective is to captivate the users with the short format. If done with care, these videos can easily mesmerize the audience.
In addition, TikTok is much more than that, and even if many only identify it as pure entertainment, this social network can be a great ally to companies, helping them build strong and honest connections between brands and people.
Its users are youngsters, mainly under 30s; so, if your potential customers or the community you want to reach belongs to this group, how about starting with TikTok?

Did you know that, at first, Instagram was born only to share pictures? However, it has gradually widened its content and scope, becoming what it is now: the social media that better adapts to people’s and companies’ needs. It represents the perfect platform for those who want to display personal or much more professional materials.
It entertains, informs, and keeps up to date, but also promotes, makes known, and reaches out. 
We could define it as a business’s best friend!
As in the case of Facebook, Instagram encourages user interactions, making engagement a central point in your strategy. Moreover, to leverage it, it is vital to use all the content it offers (posts, reels, carousels, live broadcasts, and stories). 
Compared to other channels, it is not that simple to determine the age of its users. It may be more suitable to talk of categories when referring to those who daily use this social network: influencers, private citizens, freelancers, large and small businesses, and artists are the most important.

It is probably the platform that best helps professionals to connect, which is what makes it different from other channels. Its users are moved by numerous professional reasons: finding a new job, making themselves known and developing their personal brand, identifying connections helpful in the B2B industry, meeting professionals, and securing business relationships.
Compared to other platforms, LinkedIn mainly asks for textual content linked to the professional sphere. Most users are freelancers, recruiters, employers, employees, or people looking for a job aged 25 and over
Therefore, it is suitable for specific objectives but not for indistinct goals. Are you trying to establish yourself and your business and widen your professional network? Then, LinkedIn might be perfect for you!

Not only is YouTube the most known social channel, but it is also the most popular browser. Did you know?
Since it focuses on video content, it represents an ideal tool to inform, keep up to date, review, entertain, and support—for instance, through its highly appreciated tutorials.  
Its users range widely, although the majority are aged 16 to 40. 

Independently from the chosen platform, keep in mind that at the base of any social media strategy lies the exchange of interactions. That means you should be the first to interact; promoting conversations among others is not enough. Therefore, share, write a comment, reply, and advise. Apply everyday bon ton to social media exchange!

The importance of following a social media strategy: what is it for, and where to start?

Choosing a social media platform is insufficient, even if it is a good start. It is necessary to have a strategy sustainable in the long run, built on the characteristics of the selected social network, as well as on your desires and your brand’s needs. 
Here is why a well-devised editorial plan that allows supervision and adjustment in response to every month’s performance is essential. 
Even though each plan is different, there are four main content categories to consider when developing a social media strategy. Grab a pen, and let’s dive straight in!

  • Inspirational content
    What you publish should not be only informational and funny. Inspiring is a great way to stimulate interactions with your community, such as comments and shares. 
  • Entertaining content
    Some materials aim at engaging and attracting the audience. TikTok, with its short videos, is a perfect example of that. 
  • Community-building content
    We refer to content that allows identification and a familiar feeling, promoting a sense of belonging. It brings people close and offers honest pictures of everyday reality. 
  • Trust-generating content 
    It is as essential for a business as for an individual: displaying products and services is fine, but it is fundamental to make yourself known. Talk about you and show yourself if you want to gain people’s trust. 

Down with fixed content, only produced to fill your wall and lacking sentiment. Have you ever thought that this might be what is making people lose interest? Value is at the heart of everything, especially of these four categories. 

Here are our tips to enhance your social media dimension.

During 2023, much has been said on specific topics that have entered the social media world and, willingly or unwillingly, affected these platforms. It is vital to know the potential of any novelty and understand how to relate it to your social media strategy. 

  1. Short videos
    Although rocketed thanks to TikTok, their use is also well known on Facebook and Instagram in the form of reels. Particularly appreciated by users, these brief products should not forget to be high-quality, valuable, and coherent with you and your brand. 
    You should include them if they are not in your editorial plan yet!  
  1. AI
    Last year, artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, raised fear, skepticism, and curiosity. Even what might scare can hide potential benefits. Every cloud has a silver lining: in the case of AI, for instance, the pool of ideas and inspirations it offers.  
  1. Brand’s social role
    Recently, an increasing number of people have been interested in the social role played by brands. For this reason, many companies have started showing more engagement in society, from brand inclusion to sustainability. Only show what is true and coherent with your values, though. Do not act to imitate others, as people hate to be mocked!
  1. TikTok
    As we have already pointed out, not all target audiences are among TikTok users. If that is your case, you might want to include it in your strategy; it could be highly beneficial.  

Finally, do not forget that every strategy requires time and effort. In particular, remember that results take time; therefore, patience is the key. Social media are fascinating tools if employed with attention and a sense of timing.

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