Brand identity: unique, clear, memorable.

Let's start from the beginning. What is brand identity, and why is it so important for your business? Even at first glance, it appears clear that it has to do with a company's identity and character as if it were a person. It seems easy, but it is not!

Not only is brand identity hard to build and manage, but there are also several hidden pitfalls one might run into that can result in incongruities, visible even to the clients.

We often find ourselves having to explain how it works—which is legit—but also its value and significance. Many companies only think of brand identity as designing a cool logo. Unfortunately, the logo is only one of various equally important parameters.

Then, what does brand identity mean?

Brand recognition depends on several elements—the parameters we mentioned. Such elements characterize the brand, making it unique, clear, and memorable. Brand identity is the sum of all these elements used to communicate with a company's target as effectively as possible.

And what are these elements?

There is no fixed list, as it depends on the sector, the communication channels, the products, the services of the company, and the experience of the agency. 

Nevertheless, there are some basic features to start building a unique and recognizable brand identity, six ingredients that a business should never forget:

1. Brand Values

It is the initial phase, as your values definition affects and inspires all other elements. We help clients look at their business from a different perspective and learn how to identify, condense, and present their principles.  

2. Naming

Your brand name must be not only cool but also representative of your business. It should consider your values and target audience. Keep in mind: simplicity always pays off. 

3. Tagline

Declaring your intentions and putting out a manifesto makes the users feel part of your brand. The tagline is a catchy phrase that sticks to people's minds. Consider the highly recognizable: “Think Different,” "Just do it," and "I'm lovin' it"; one cannot read them without thinking about their brands.

4. Tone of Voice 

It is your brand voice and determines how it communicates to people through the different channels used, remaining coherent. The ToV expresses the brand identity just as we do in everyday life.  

5. Visual Identity 

It is what you graphically perceive from the outside; logotypes, fonts, graphics, and colors can make your brand unforgettable. Coherence is key: your visual identity needs to stay consistent everywhere and go along with the other elements.

6. Brand Guidelines 

They represent the instruction manual for your brand identity. It is the last phase of the process and allows the company to know how to properly (and improperly) communicate.

At NitAGE, we look forward to creating new identities or restyling old ones. Our creative team is happy to listen to you and tailor your brand as it deserves!

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