Brand identity: unique, clear, memorable.

Let's start from the beginning. What is brand identity, and why is it so important for your business?

Even at first glance, it appears clear that it has to do with projecting your company identity, but is it really that simple?

Not only is brand identity hard to build and manage, but there are also several hidden pitfalls one might run into.

We often need to explain its significance as many companies only think of brand identity simply as designing a cool logo. Unfortunately, the logo is only one of various equally important parameters.

Then, what does brand identity mean?

Brand recognition depends on several elements—the parameters we were talking about. Such elements characterize the brand, making it unique, clear, and memorable. Brand identity is the sum of all these elements used to communicate with a company's target as effectively as possible.

Probably, you are now curious to know more about these elements.

There are no fixed lists, as each agency makes their own based on the experience on the field. At NitAGE, we want to share ours and are sure it will help you better understand what your brand is missing.

Here is what makes your brand unique based on our expertise.

1° - Naming

Your brand name must be not only cool, but also representative of your business. It should take into account your goals and target audience. Keep in mind: simplicity always pays off.

2° - Tagline

Declaring your intentions, putting out a manifesto makes the users feel part of your brand. Consider the highly recognizable “Think Different” and how it relates to Apple.

3° - Visual Identity

Logotype, font, graphics, and colors make your brand unforgettable. Coherence is key: your visual identity needs to stay consistent everywhere.

4° - Tone of Voice

Your brand's words express its identity.

5° - Brand Guidelines

They represent the instruction manual for your brand identity, clearly pointing out how to communicate within and outside your company.

Now that you know what it is, would you like to create one for your business?

Did you entrust your brand identity to an agency incapable of enhancing all the listed elements? No worries! Our creative team is happy to tailor your brand as it deserves.

Contact us and connect with our consultants.

We made it simple

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