The Tone of Voice: how does your company speak?

The verbal identity, brand language, brand voice, or, in other words, the tone of voice represents the way a company communicates its character and values, similar to how a human being would do...

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Brand identity: unique, clear, memorable.

Let's start from the beginning. What is brand identity, and why is it so important for your business?...

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LMS Platform

Independently of your business size, you will certainly know that trained employees and collaborators are fundamental to the achievement of greater market competitiveness...

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Set your cookie policy with NitAGE

Have you ever entered a website finding a cookie consent banner asking you to "accept cookies"? In addition, most sites do not display their contents unless you accept the cookie policy, at least customizing it...

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Introducing SSL Certificates

Until a few years ago, creating a website did not require complying to rigid criteria and laws and using peculiar tools. Although it may seem easier to build a website today, it has become necessary to check all the boxes. An essential requirement is the SSL certificate...

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Live chats, chatbots and virtual assistants: reach your customers whenever and wherever you want!

It has probably happened to you at least once: you purchase a product in a store and then discover it is damaged or not working. You have probably also found yourself in a situation where you had to ask for information to a salesperson before purchasing something...

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NitAGE's fully managed hosting: give your site everything it needs

Not everyone knows what a hosting service is: let's start with this.
As the noun suggests, a hosting service hosts a website, offering a space on the web for the site, all its pages, data, and databases, thus allowing for it to be online...

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