Sanremo 2024: The Marketing Behind the Music Event of the Year

When the holiday season is a distant memory, and Easter is still a mirage, in the middle of winter something that has been warming the hearts of Italian families for years is about to return. It is the Sanremo Festival...

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CGI: How Marketing and Advertising Are Evolving

The technology that launched the modern era of cinema—blending fiction and reality like never before—is now poised to transform marketing and advertising...

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Artificial Intelligence for Creatives: Turning a Threat into a Resource

Artificial Intelligence has taken on a leading role in 2023, establishing itself as one of those technologies capable of marking a turning point in modern history...

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Brand Positioning: the key to success

Sooner or later, every brand needs to deal with brand positioning, yet another marketing term to express how a company is perceived from the outside...

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Luxury Marketing: How to build a luxury brand

How can luxury brands appear so desirable? What makes a brand luxurious? The aura of luxury is the result of a marketing process and, most importantly, an anthropological...

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Goodbye to Google Analytics 3: What changes in the new version?

Anyone working with websites or in online marketing probably received a remainder or e-mail to avoid forgetting what was about to happen on July 1st, 2023...

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From short videos to TikTok: the importance of an effective social media strategy

Implementing a social media strategy represents a fundamental step to achieving the objectives set on social networks. Improvising is never a wise choice...

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Where to start with product packaging

Packets, wrappings, boxes, or, in a word, packaging: a central element for any product. Initially devised to protect and preserve goods...

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Sensory Marketing: An introduction to engaging with clients through the senses

Do you recall the peculiar scent you can smell when you cross the threshold of IKEA? Have you ever entered a Cucinelli store, elegantly ordered, luminous, with a light palette of colors...

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Corporate training: What is it, and what are the benefits?

A company can carry out many activities that result in significant advantages and benefits for the individuals who work there, both personally and professionally...

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Why is improving well-being in the workplace essential?

Someone mistakes it for having large desks, comfortable chairs, work rewards, employee incentives, or even a company coffee maker...

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Trade show marketing: what to keep in mind?

Recently, we have dedicated an article to the rising importance of event marketing for companies. If you have not read it, you can find it on our blog...

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