From consumer goods to luxury products: how can marketing help?

Whenever we enter a store, either pushing a shopping cart down the aisles or surfing the web and e-shopping, we rarely think about how many different product categories exist...

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Ethics and sustainability. How do you engage Gen Z with your brand?

Born between 1997 and 2012, they have never experienced a world without the internet. Someone calls them the TikTok Gen; most became adults during the pandemic...

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Narrating a company: what is brand storytelling?

The first step to understanding brand storytelling is to recognize the power of narratives when associated with marketing strategies...

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A step-by-step guide from branding to trademark registration

Can you imagine a brand without a name, a logo, some colors, and a distinctive visual identity that makes it different from other companies? Honestly, we cannot...

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Six tips for working with non-profits 

One of the biggest challenges any company can encounter is that of working with a non-commercial organization, where, working in collaboration...

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The Product Launch: A Mini-Guide that’s all your own

Launching a product or service is one of the most emotional and exhilarating moments for any business and marks the culmination of a long journey of brainstorming, design, analysis, and preparation...

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What is the difference between Metaverse and Multiverse?

Although they sound almost familiar, as they are starting to pop up everywhere, what is the difference between Metaverse and Multiverse...

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A step-by-step guide to buying NFTs

Are NFTs all Greek to you? Do you believe that MetaMask could be the perfect name for a superhero and OpenSea a parallel universe in a sci-fi franchise...

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Blockchain: what are smart contracts and NFTs?

A blockchain allows for controlling orders, payments, accounts, processes, and much more. In particular, NFTs and smart contracts are...

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What is a blockchain, and what are its tangible applications?

Blockchain is a vast topic, as large as the possibilities it unlocks. Understanding what a blockchain is and being aware of its applications is fundamental...

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