Where to start with product packaging

Packets, wrappings, boxes, or, in a word, packaging: a central element for any product. Initially devised to protect and preserve goods...

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Sensory Marketing: An introduction to engaging with clients through the senses

Do you recall the peculiar scent you can smell when you cross the threshold of IKEA? Have you ever entered a Cucinelli store, elegantly ordered, luminous, with a light palette of colors...

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Corporate training: What is it, and what are the benefits?

A company can carry out many activities that result in significant advantages and benefits for the individuals who work there, both personally and professionally...

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Why is improving well-being in the workplace essential?

Someone mistakes it for having large desks, comfortable chairs, work rewards, employee incentives, or even a company coffee maker...

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Trade show marketing: what to keep in mind?

Recently, we have dedicated an article to the rising importance of event marketing for companies. If you have not read it, you can find it on our blog...

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Organizing a company event: the importance of event marketing

You might have heard that event marketing is becoming increasinglyessential for any business activity, but what is it exactly...

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Logo redesign: this is when, how, and why to do it

Every business, at a certain point, might need to redesign its logo. That does not imply a complete disruption of what it was, but it has to do with giving it a new look in terms of style...

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Marketing and psychology: a vital interweaving

When it comes to marketing, although it may often seem the complete opposite, the person who should always be at the centre of every thought is the customer as a consumer...

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From consumer goods to luxury products: how can marketing help?

Whenever we enter a store, either pushing a shopping cart down the aisles or surfing the web and e-shopping, we rarely think about how many different product categories exist...

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Ethics and sustainability. How do you engage Gen Z with your brand?

Born between 1997 and 2012, they have never experienced a world without the internet. Someone calls them the TikTok Gen; most became adults during the pandemic...

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