A step-by-step guide to buying NFTs

Are NFTs all Greek to you? Do you believe that MetaMask could be the perfect name for a superhero and OpenSea a parallel universe in a sci-fi franchise...

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Blockchain: what are smart contracts and NFTs?

A blockchain allows for controlling orders, payments, accounts, processes, and much more. In particular, NFTs and smart contracts are...

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What is a blockchain, and what are its tangible applications?

Blockchain is a vast topic, as large as the possibilities it unlocks. Understanding what a blockchain is and being aware of its applications is fundamental...

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Naming and Tagline: What's in a name?

In a globalized world, where markets get increasingly complex, products numerous, and competition menacing, choosing a fit name is fundamental to distinguishing yourself...

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Visual identity and Brand Guidelines

Logo, colors, pictures, and brand perception are all essential concepts associated with brand identity, but there is much more to keep in mind...

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The Tone of Voice: how does your company speak?

The tone of voice (or TOV) is the tone a company chooses to communicate with its audience. It has to do with the writing style...

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Brand identity: unique, clear, memorable.

Let's start from the beginning. What is brand identity, and why is it so important for your business?...

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LMS Platform

Independently of your business size, you will certainly know that trained employees and collaborators are fundamental to the achievement of greater market competitiveness...

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Set your cookie policy with NitAGE

Have you ever entered a website finding a cookie consent banner asking you to "accept cookies"? In addition, most sites do not display their contents unless you accept the cookie policy, at least customizing it...

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Introducing SSL Certificates.

Until a few years ago, creating a website did not require complying to rigid criteria and laws and using peculiar tools. Although it may seem easier to build a website today, it has become necessary to check all the boxes. An essential requirement is the SSL certificate...

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