A step-by-step guide to buying NFTs

Create your wallet and start investing in NFTs without worries.

Are NFTs all Greek to you? Do you believe that MetaMask could be the perfect name for a superhero and OpenSea a parallel universe in a sci-fi franchise? You are in the right place to debunk misinformation and start living in the present (and future) thanks to this step-by-step guide to buying NFTs.

Getting familiar with blockchain technology and setting sail for OpenSea is nothing but hard. Keep on reading for Nitage's practical and quick guide to help you create your wallet and buy NFTs.

MetaMask and OpenSea are not our enemies: anyone can access these platforms and trade with peace of mind and safety, even with small investments. If you want to understand how blockchains ensure reliability and transparency, click here.

Ethereum, MetaMask, and OpenSea: let's make things clear.

Before buying NFTs, it is good to have some definitions. They will help you fully understand what comes next.

  • A wallet is a digital portfolio that contains your assets and through which you can buy NFTs. It allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency.
  • Ethereum is a platform based on blockchain technology. Although it is renowned for the cryptocurrency ETH, it can also work with other currencies and applications.
  • MetaMask is one of the Ethereum wallets with its specific authentication system. TheMetaMask wallet is one of the easiest to use and can be set up in a few minutes.
  • OpenSea is the largest marketplace for NFTs and other tokens. It is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and available online or as an Android or IOS app.

We can think of Ethereum as a credit card network, OpenSea as a huge shop, and MetaMask as the wallet we need for transactions. In this case, NFTs would be the goods we are interested in purchasing.

STEP 1: MetaMask installation.

To start buying NFTs, we need to install MetaMask. Visit the MetaMask download page and select your browser.

You will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-on website. Then, click to add the extension to your browser and allow the required permissions.

STEP 2: Wallet creation.

That is right. If you move your mouse over the fox, you will have it look around, but you’d better focus and continuecreating your wallet! Click on the button Get Started: you will be asked whether you are new to MetaMask. If you already have a seed phrase and want to access your wallet, you can import it here. Otherwise, click on Create a Wallet. MetaMask will ask for your consent to access your data and help them improve the platform; you are free to choose accordingly.

Now, you will need a strong password with an original combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. Then, click on Create. When MetaMask asks you, you will need this password.

A seed phrase is your backup plan! Create it using 12 words; you will need it to recover your account if you delete MetaMask from your browser. Thanks to the seed phrase, you will be able to access your account from a new computer anywhere.

Confirm your phrase in the following window, and do not forget to store itsomewhere safe: on a piece of paper or wherever you like, but do not lose it!

STEP 3: Transfer your money to your wallet.

Now that you finally own a wallet, you can start buying cryptocurrencies and do it on MetaMask with ETH.

Click on the MetaMask icon and provide your password. Select the network “Ethereum Main Net” in the top left box, where you typed your password.

You can now click on Buy in the MetaMask interface and select one of the exchanges; choose Transak.

Type the amount and click on Buy Now.

Insert your wallet data and your e-mail address. Next, type the verification code you will receive via e-mail.

Fill it in with your data, and you are done! You can now buy NFTs.

STEP 4: Buy Nitage NFTs with a few clicks!

You are now ready to enter the NFT market, and what better way to start than buying Nitage NFTs?The procedure is easy and intuitive, and you already have all you need!

Firstly, start your browser and go to the OpenSea home page.

Click on the wallet symbol in the top right corner to connect your MetaMask wallet.

Moreover, before buying NFTs, you can customize your profile on settings by choosing your name and adding your data. Sign in and approve the agreement to continue.

Well done! Now look for Nitage using the NFT search bar.

Click on Add to Cart and complete your purchase using your crypto currencies. Finally, accept the terms of the platform and check out. You have learned how to buy NFTs.

Not only do you have a wallet, but you also own crypto currencies and NFTs! And if that is not enough, contact one of our consultants and find out even more.

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